There’s a lasagna cooling on the stove top.  It’s full of roasted veggies and a home made bolognese sauce.  We didn’t make quite enough to cover the top, but it’s just as well since it’s a thick and chunky sauce.  Instead, we covered it in cheese and a little olive oil that got nicely browned and a little crisp on top.

Normally, I make a sauce without meat in it for lasagna since it spreads and covers easier.  My love decided that he wanted to make the bolognese sauce instead of me making and flavoring the meat to use as part of the layering.  It’s a delicious sauce, but not one I think works well for lasagna.  We’ll soon see, since it’s nearly cool enough to eat without burning the tongue, which I nearly always do.  I’m too eager to taste it or just too hungry to wait for it to properly cool.

Speaking of cool, we’re both sitting in the kitchen since the extra heat from the oven is making it very cozy indeed.  The temperature outside is much better than the previous days, but it’s still cold enough for me to want my blanket and house socks.  House socks are wonderful things, and I wear them all the time, but I do wish I could convince my love to take his shoes off when coming inside.  Trudging through the snow and rain is all fine and good, but tracking it inside not only makes it dirtier faster, but it also leaves unexpected wet spots on the floors that my socks unerringly find.  Wet socks make me grumpy.  I dislike slippers because I tend to slip out of them or trip and fall up the stairs.

I end up sweeping and mopping the downstairs many times a week anyway, but I do wish my socks wouldn’t get wet quite so often.  It means I do more laundry since I change my socks out so often.  (I have a large collection of warm and fuzzy socks.)  Today should have been a laundry day, but it was decided that it would be lasagna and relaxation day instead.  I still put the flannel sheets in the wash because they’re warm and I want warm sheets on the bed.  Cotton ones tend to be cool, which is fine in summer but not so much in the winter when I’m eager to stay warm.

Time for some dinner and quite possibly some tiramisu for dessert.   Keep warm and well fed!


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